Friday, August 04, 2006

The Adventure Begins!

Hi everyone! My name is J.R. Turner and I write action, adventure, thrillers, and oh-yeah romance :) If it explodes and someone finds love, I'm totally there. My favorite movies range from The Chronicles of Riddick, to Sahara, to the X-Men triology. Love those stories!

I think the coolest thing, and something I often talk about when I do speaking engagements, is that everything we see on T.V. or in the theater, all started out as something someone wrote. Without writers, without people who thrive on getting these imaginary (and often totally awesome) characters and worlds down on the page, we wouldn't have all these great adventures.

One of my first steps into getting down some of the stories I've got floatin' around in my noggin' was through a character I named Sara Stark. She is one kick-butt chick with a whole lot of sass and savvy. Very cool.

This is her story here:

"This night should be special…for family, but instead, Sara Stark is surrounded by danger at every turn. With Tropical Storm Allison bearing down on her home, Sara must face a blonde, blue-eyed snake worming her way into the Knight family. With Drake about to leave for London, she has only one shot at unmasking the deceiver, only one tube of Icy Hot, and only one chance to save him–the night before."

I'm totally thrilled to share with y'all something else that totally Rocks! If you get a copy of The Knight Before and send your receipt to you'll get the full-length novel "Stark Knight" as a free download. Ain't that cool? :)

Hope you enjoy hanging out with Sara and Drake as much as I've enjoyed writing them. They're soo full of surprises!

J.R. Turner

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