Saturday, August 12, 2006

Pilots For Dummies

I'm blogging from my hometown of Athens, TN. Go Cherokees! I did a booksigning yesterday for DESCENT INTO DANGER, and I'm heading to Brentwood (near Nashville) today for another signing. My dad's putting me up at his place and driving me around town/state. He's being a total selfless sweetie.

Of course when you come back to your hometown you see lots of faces from your childhood. Like Amy (I rode the bus with her) and Jeff (my sister's friend) and all the Hockmans(they live on the land across from my childhood house) and Robin and Pam (we used to go to the same church). What's funny is everyone looks pretty much the same (minus wrinkles and gray hair).

But back to the title of the entry. Pilots For Dummies. I was sitting in the Charlotte, NC airport on a layover and there was this pilot sitting beside me reading Pilots For Dummies. I'm not kidding here. Anyway, I'm thinking, "Phew. Glad he's not my pilot." And then they call my flight and the pilot guy gets up and walks straight through the SAME TERMINAL AS ME! Yikes!So I get on the plane and have a seat and think, "He's probably just on my flight. Surely he's not flying the plane." Well, then, the pilot's door opens and guess who walks out? HIM! So I keep scoping things out and he turns out to be the co-pilot. BUT STILL! COME ON PEOPLE!


teenbookreviewer(Jocelyn Pearce) said...

Well, that sounds like a fun experience! Trusting your life to someone who, apparently, learned what he was doing only minutes before...Actually, driver's ed teachers do it all the time, don't they?

Mary Cunningham said...

Wow, Shannon! That experience would've given me a few more gray hairs! (and I don't need anymore)

I know what you mean about going home. Whether we're 10 or 40 years out of high school, it's almost like time stands still.

For instance, my series, Cynthia's Attic, is loosely based on my childhood recollections of playing in the attic of my real childhood friend, Cynthia. Strangely enough, Cynthia and I renewed our friendship when I moved to Georgia this year. She lives just 30 minutes away! Some things are meant to be.

But, back to that pilot...You actually got on the plane?!?