Saturday, December 02, 2006


Yet another deadline met and gone.

This past Wed I had a deadline for round 3 of edits on book #2 in THE SPECIALISTS series. I made the deadline, skirting in at the very last second (which is very unusual for me. I’m normally days early)

Its funny, and I know its just my personality, but as soon as my editor gives me a deadline, I fa-reak. Here’s an example:

Editor: Here you go. Get that to me in two weeks.
Me (internal): Holy !@#$%
Me (external): Sure, oh editor of mine. No prob.

And then night and day I work, typing, focusing, deleting, rewriting.

Me: All done. Yay! Go Shannon, go Shannon, go, go
Editor: (grin)
Me: Allow me to brag, I am five whole days early after all
Editor: you’re so awesome

And then I stop and think, why did I freak so bad? I’m an excellent time manager. I knew I’d meet my deadline.

Then a week or so later I get another and the process starts all over again. (Sigh)


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