Friday, January 26, 2007

Ode To My Electric Blanket

Ode to my electric blanket…

Where have you been my whole life?
You keep warm on a birry winter night.
I’ve searched high and low, here and fro.
WalMart and Target, K-mart and Bi-Low.
Target, of course, came through a few nights ago.
I think I might buy stock in it, now that it’s so reliable.
I live in Florida, as some of you may know.
But even Florida has its chilly night lows.
I once had an electric blanket, but it was many years ago.
And even good ‘ole electric blankets have to go, go, go.
But my new one is so beige and new and lovely.
I think it might want me to buy it a cool new covely.
That’s it for now on Shannon’s silly wondry.
Stay tuned for next week when she is even more stupidly jundry.

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