Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fast and Fanciful Fiction Writing Contest

The world is filled with things that have no scientific explanation…magic and other flights of fancy. Echelon Press challenges you to put your best pen forward and send us the most fantastic tale your imagination can muster. From leprechauns to the darkest Black Magic, we want you to give us your best shot! All you have to do is think outside the box and give readers the perfect escape from reality.

Every author at every level should be committed to keeping their name in front of readers. Are you looking for your first publishing credit? Are you between books? Looking for a way to revive characters from books that have been out for a while? Want to introduce new characters for upcoming books? Looking for a way to build your readership? Have we got a promotional opportunity for you!

Echelon Press would like to publish your "Fast and Fanciful" March story. The fast part means you have until March 6, 2007 to submit your story of 3000-6000 words. The winner will be notified by March7, 2007 and have 5 days to edit/revise the story. Echelon Press will publish your story in its e-book division on March 14, 2007. Simple!

Send your submissions as a Word (doc) attachment to contest@echelonpress.com. Your cover letter should be in the body of an e-mail. Cover letters that do not adhere to professional standards will disqualify the submission from further consideration.

Our only real request is that magic and other flights of fancy be the catalyst for your story! You pick the genre. Stories must adhere to the following guidelines.

Standard Manuscript format:
File saved in Word format (.doc) or (.rtf)
8 ½ x 11 page
Times New Roman 12pt font/black
1-inch margin on all sides/ 1.5 line spacing
Align text left, do not justify (aligning text both left and right)
Header containing title, author name, and page number
Capital letters at the beginning of sentences and proper nouns
Show new paragraphs by indenting first line of new paragraph .3. Do not add blank line between paragraphs.
Show scene breaks with * * * * centered in the appropriate line.

All cover letters must include:
Name (and pseudonym if applicable)
Mailing address
Phone number
E-mail address (if available)
Web address (if available)

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