Monday, March 05, 2007

The Big Apple

Just returned from a three-day trip to NYC with my best friend to celebrate our birthdays. Since it was my first plane adventure since 9/11, I was just a bit apprehensive, but even going through security wasn't bad. Everyone, especially at LaGuardia, was friendly and courteous.

After a $40.00 cab ride from the airport to our hotel (about 25 minutes!) we took to the streets of New York. If I'd had a hat to toss in the air I would have! It was such fun. Got a bite to eat at a local diner then headed to the Ticket Booth to see if we could scrounge up play tickets for that night. Luckily, we got half-price seats for Avenue Q. All I knew was that it was described as, an "adult Sesame Street." Was it ever funny! One laugh after another and the music was terrific. But, a warning…don't take your ten-year-old to see it. Strictly mature entertainment.

The next morning we got up bright and early (well, maybe not BRIGHT…but definitely EARLY!) and headed to the Today Show to display our computer generated birthday sign and to talk to Al Roker. Naturally, he started talking to people on the opposite side, but I still had hope that he'd make it over to us. No such luck. We decided to skip the third segment and go across the street to Dean and Deluca to get a cup of coffee, and wouldn't you just know it? Al talked to the people, on camera, who had taken our spot! At least Meredith, Anne, and Matt came over to us, off-camera, to wish us a happy birthday, and I gave Cynthia's Attic books to Al's kids. After finding out that Diana and I had been friends for forty-five years, Anne spent about five minutes talking with us about the importance of long-term friendships. We were on camera, with our sign, several times that morning, but if you blinked or yawned, you missed us.

Had some time to kill before the Les Mis matinee, so we decided to go to a TV show taping after a producer gave us tickets and told us that we were "just the perfect audience member" for the Dr. Keith Show. I think the subject of the show was "Bad Girls." And, WE were the perfect audience members?!? After spending almost three hours taping and re-taping, listening to four girls complain about each other, and being ordered to clap until our hands were sore, we were told that Dr. Keith's final show was being taped the next day. Who knows if our show will even make it on the air.

On an "up note," Les Mis was just as good as the first time I saw it…almost 20 years ago. It definitely stands the test of time.

Flew back to Atlanta in severe thunderstorm and tornado activity on Thursday night. We were lucky to land in between storms. I wasn't so lucky in that I developed a stomach virus ON THE PLANE. If you've even been in that situation, you DO NOT want to hear the words, "Ladies and Gentlemen. The captain has requested, due to unstable weather, that you do remain in your seats with your seatbelts firmly in place." Arrrghhhh!! But, I made it home, then collapsed for three days.

But, as much fun as I had in The City, I'd do it all again…minus the stomach thing.


alexgirl said...

Isn't Avenue Q the best? I saw it a few years ago and loved it!
And your Today Show saga was so funny!
Cool site, too!

Mary Cunningham said...

Glad you enjoyed the story and the site, Alex.

I see you live in Manhattan. What a great place. I'm always amazed with how much there is to do, and how accessible everything is. We walked everywhere (couldn't afford a cab!. Come to think of it, I didn't see one New Yorker (they're the ones walking with a purpose)who was overweight.

Avenue Q is definitely one I'd like to see again.

Good luck with your book!