Friday, May 18, 2007

I Love Fan Letters!

I love fan letters! They make all my hard work rewarding. They make me fuzzy warm. They make me glow. And they let me know someone out there is actually reading every single word I typed!

Here’s one I got this week:

Hey im a 14 year old girl and im probably one of ur biggest fans! Shannon I LOVE your book, The Specialists: Model Spy! I just read it like yesterday and im reading it again now it is the best! It makes me want to become a spy as well! It so beats my favorite book, Once Upon A Marigold! I love it! I only wish you would print down to the wire sooner and get to stores faster! Are you finished writing it? And one more question...does GiGi and David stay together in the next novel? cause i really like them to gether!...well like i said i love ur book! And Will You Please email me back?

This letter has inspired me. I’m going to visit my favorite author sites and email them. Maybe I’ll make them all fuzzy warm, too.


Little Willow said...

So sweet.

Shannon Greenland said...

LW - it was saaa-weet!