Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One Writer's Accomplishments

Monday was a great day. I accomplished soooo much! Did I finally finish my long-awaited series? Or, was the editing completed on my latest manuscript? How about receiving a much-anticipated review from School Library Journal?

No, no, and…NO!

I cleaned out my closet. Yep. Probably the most uplifting experience I've had all year. I threw away clothes that Goodwill wouldn't touch. Salvation Army would've turned up their collective noses. I did find a few decent items that I either couldn't, or wouldn't wear, so they went in a bag to be given to charity.

Answer this question, if you will. What made me think that clothes I bought ten years ago (packed and moved at least four times), would STILL FIT?? Have I not looked in a mirror lately??

Anyhoo, my closet is clean. Clothes are neatly hung on color-coordinated hangers. And, I have nothing to wear.


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