Saturday, July 07, 2007

Gotta get Goth

I know you're out there...lurking, maybe even spying on us. Well, I need you to come out of the woodwork and answer some questions for me. I am in the beginning phases of a new series called "Nemesis Force."

I am doing some research and I need some good solid information on the teen Goth scene. Forgive me, but I'm old--42 this year.

I need to find out about the music, the clothes, and what really makes a girl Goth and not just a crappy dresser. I am especially interested if you are anywhere near Baltimore.

Please help me



takoda said...

Hi Mary, This one's for you!
I'm 41, so not as ancient as the poster here (grin). But I do live in Bal'more, Hun.
Is Goth big in Baltimore?

Mary Cunningham said...

Hey! Let's don't talk about being "ancient!" I could be yours and the poster's mother! You'll have to speak to her about Goth.

Anonymous said...

Goth in the Charmed City? Well, if it's not, It will be when I am famous from my books. LOL

If only I could find some teens willing to talk to me without thinking I am a freak. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

um im goth but i live in vancouver
i dress in fishnets and my hair has been blue pink neon green purple red black brown blonde ( bad choice if you are goth you are made fun of even by your goth friends)

Anonymous said...

by the way we do not spy on u people we lurk (sometimes) hey we do not dress weird that is very ofensive