Friday, September 14, 2007

Rockin' N Rollin'

A few weeks ago I posted a pic of my new home. The ole RV. So here's a humorous story for your chuckle of the week.

Two nights ago this HUGE kick butt storm hit my little island. Big, big, BIG gusts of wind were barreling down through my campground. Unfortunately, my awning was out (I wasn't about to go wrangle it in with the down pour and wind) (In hind sight I should have). Me and Guapo, my trusty pooch, were holding onto our RV just a rockin' n a rollin'. And the awning was acting like a sail. Of course if the awning would have been in, none of this would be an issue and I wouldn't be blogging this story right now.

So the next morning I venture outside and see that my awning is completely stretched out just a flapping away. Well, being new to this lifestyle, I resort to asking my RV neighbors what I should do. They unanimously vote I need to wind it up and re-let it out in order to reset the spring in the mechanism.

Okay, so here I go. I recall my RV training session when I first bought it, how to do everything on the RV. Unfortunately, there's a lot of stuff you learn in that training session, and somewhere along the way I blanked out on the awning portion. So I press this lever, and tug that rope, and give a little kick to the frame, and perhaps a kiss for good luck. And before you know it, I'm wound up in the awning. Yes, folks, in the awning.

Dangling from my perch, I casually call across the campground, "Yoohoo! Can someone help me?" This family turns and looks (at me dangling) and they all bust out laughing. Glad I could amuse them.

Needless to say, they managed to unwind me and help me down from my dangling perch. Luckily, they were experts in RV living and showed me how to unwind and rewind my awning. And you know I totally made them stand there and watch me do it over and over again until I had it down pat.

At least I gave them a good laugh for the week.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I almost just wet myself!!!

Anonymous said...

lol i am really happy you like canada i like it to i am in vancouver have you ever been there?

Shannon Greenland said...

You almost wet yourself? Now THAT would be fun to see. LOL.

Via said...

lol thats totally funny! i've been camping my whole life and i've never seen anything like that before! lol