Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Resolution

1. Bathe my dog more
2. Stop eating so much peanut butter
3. Become more mechanical


sissy said...

why "stop eating so much peanut butter" i love peanut butter i eat it out of the jar!

sissy said...

oh yes before i forget when is your next book coming out ? im really looking forward to reading it i will stay up all night like i did last time (on your first book)

Shannon Greenland said...

Hi Sissy - you eat pb out of the jar, too? Oy! I don't even want to tell you how much pb I can put away.

Next book? Let's see... Wirenut's story came out this past Sept. Beaker's comes out in April. Parrot will be July. And the last book is next year.

sissy said...

lol i started reading your books over again in music
(thats my fave class, i want to be a singer, but your books are better) i got in trouble but than my vice principal started reading it (and confiscated it so she could read it)
yay im so excited thats the month after my birthday!!!