Friday, February 15, 2008

Romantic Books

I'm now the new kid here and am very happy to join this fun group. I actually have Shannon's Down to the Wire from The Specialists series on my nightstand now to read as soon as I finish a class I'm taking in a couple weeks. That series has been really popular at the library where I am the Teen Coordinator so it's the first chance I got to grab it and read it! I can see other titles mentioned on this blog that I need to read also now too!

I do think Shannon forgot a major food group in her romantic meal though and that of course is chocolate...

Romance books are always a staple of my reading diet, in additon to teen books, and my favorites are not so much sensual as powerful. I have two favorite teen romances:

The Girl Who Invented Romance by Caroline Cooney, about a girl who designed a 'romance' board game while falling for a great guy in her class.

Time Enough for Drums by Ann Rinaldi. Jemma hates her stern tutor John Reid in the days just before the American Revolution. When she learns he has a dangerous secret her feelings change. There is such a great scene in here where John comes back from the war and they are newly engaged.
Read them and sigh.
-Amy Alessio

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