Friday, March 21, 2008

08 Releases

I just realized I haven't posted my two books that are coming out this year. Yellow cover is April (next month-yay!). And green cover is July. Both are in The Specialists series.


missy said...

i cant wait who is comming out in july? and why is it a cheerleader in april? god i cant wait till it comes in i wanted it so bad for my birthday on the 21 of this month (march) but i guess i couldent

Tasha said...

I can't wait to read these! The covers look great. I really enjoyed the first book, but I haven't gotten the chance to read the others. Hopefully they will surface in my to-be-read pile soon!

Shannon Greenland said...

Missy - April's book is Beaker's story. And July's books is Parrot's story. Mystic and Bruiser will be next year in a combined novel. :)

Tasha - I'm so thrilled you liked the first book. You need to get on the ball and read the second! :)