Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Have you been to the Hobbitville Gardens?

Welcome to
Hobbitville Gardens
where adventure grows wild!


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For a quartet of girlfriends known as the Pixie Chicks, life takes on a delicious new flavor when their normal Friday night walkabout through the Hobbitville gardens reveals secrets and adventures previously unimagined. Who knew the statues were portals to similar, magical gardens around the world? Or that only a select few can travel by statue and fewer still can arrive at their desired point? These four will reach for the stars despite the risks of the unknown to embrace an adventure suitable only for the boldest of teens.

Who is Regan Black?
Regan Black has been indulging her imagination since the moment she discovered the magic of pencil and paper. She's won awards for both her poetry and her adult adventure novels, despite the chaos of managing a husband, two children and a home that could serve as a domestic petting zoo. With two retired greyhounds (give or take a foster), two cats and three birds, she's learned to craft her stories with one hand on the keyboard and one on whoever is in need of affection. If she's not writing, you'll most likely find her reading, gardening, playing with the pets or doing yoga to recover from all of the above. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can always find her at www.reganblack.com.

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