Friday, July 04, 2008

For all you graduates

For all you graduates out there, here's an interesting article from the DEAR ABBY column:

ABBY: I am a small-business owner who does the hiring for my company. I hope you will share some suggestions for young people who are now applying for postgraduate jobs.

(1) Every contact with a prospective employer is a mini-
interview. Present yourself appropriately. I have received
many inappropriate e-mails. Example: "Hey, when would this
gig start?" Please remember to use a salutation and
communicate politely and clearly.

(2) Many companies post a great deal of information about
job openings on their Web sites. Read the site carefully
before calling so I won't waste time answering questions
you could have answered on your own.

(3) Shortcuts may be cute when text-messaging your friends,
but in business they are annoying and unprofessional. Avoid
messages such as "Thnx 4 ur help. Talk 2 u later!"

(4) Because I must read your resume and application, please
proofread it for spelling, grammar and typos.

(5) Many Internet sites now offer free e-mail. Set up an
account using your name or initial so I don't have to e-mail
"hotchick99" with an offer to teach young children.

(6) If you have a phone interview, please find a quiet place
from which to place the call. It is difficult to understand
you above your roommate who is cursing over a video game.

(7) Never, ever tell a prospective employer you are waiting
to hear about a job you want more, that pays more or gives
you more "fun" time. Simply say you are "exploring all your
options," and I will understand.

By the way, Abby, I am not an old fuddy-duddy. I am a 26-
year-old professional who expects more from my peers than
I have seen.

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