Saturday, August 09, 2008

My birthday vacation

As my last post mentioned, this was my birthday week. I had grand plans of traveling the Florida Gulf coast, hiking, biking, kayaking, enjoying nature, blah, blah, blah. Allow me to recap:

Excitedly drive RV to campground x.
Forgot key to bike lock--paid maintenance man to cut it off the back of my RV.

Discover there are no hiking or biking trails (internet said there was)
Bacteria in water--can't go swimming
All restaurants closed--eat hot dogs for my birthday

Travel to new state park
No overnight RV's allowed
Biking trails covered in cobwebs
Back into RV--travel to another state park--no RV's allowed
Spend the night in a parking lot

Determined, determined, to have fun, try yet another state park
Get lost going there
Finally arrive--RV's allowed--yay!
No dogs permitted on premises


Give up and go home.

Moral of story? Don't trust the internet for research. Pick up the phone and call to double check stuff.

On the up side I spent little to no money :)

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