Friday, September 05, 2008

A Review To Rock The House

I can't seem to find enough really good adjectives to describe Shannon Greenland's writing. The Specialists Young Adult series has become one of my favorites and that is saying a lot for a 43-year-old woman with no children.

NATIVE TONGUE is a bit of a departure from the series as it has a much more serious tone than the previous books. But it is by far the best. Parrott is a wonderful character with some deeply emotional issues. The premise of family is much stronger in this book than the others and offers us a deeper look into both Parrott and Gigi's personalities.

The fun part is meeting the colorful characters when we head into the jungle. Adventure is a great venue for Greenland as a writer and she pulls off all the various aspects of this book with ease. Each of her books is better than the last.

Don't you dare jump into this series in the middle, start with MODEL SPY, and enjoy every word.

©Karen L. Syed, Echelon Press

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