Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Kid on the Block

Heh... a new place to play with words ...

So make room !

I'm going to talk ...well, write ... about writing for young adults (definition: those whose ages approximate my maturity level). I'm going to rant on occasion, 'cuz things out there piss me off sometimes, and I like to get 'em back in writing. And sometimes I'm just going to say something random ... like this.

"I'm watching television right now ... well, I'm typing ... but the boob-tube is on, and guess what's going to be on in two minutes?

Have you guessed yet?

George W. Bush's FAREWELL address!!!


Anyway, why's that relevant to anything here? Well, it' snot, er, sorry, it's not, but my WIP (work in progress) stars one George W. Bush.

And boy do I have fun with him. You'll really want to read it, believe me.

But that won't happen for awhile, because I have two books coming out before this, "Missing," an anthology that includes a story with my characters from award-winning Adventures of Guy series ... and then in August, Fang Face, my YA humor/vampire books comes out to gnaw on young readers.

Books should be judged on their content, so I humbly ask you to visit my website and read excerpts of my books, including a sneak peak at not-even-edited Fang Face.

So get yourself over to, and check them out.

In the meantime, remember, be kind to your vampire and keep your neck clean!


The Adventures of Guy
The Next Adventures of Guy
The Heat of the Moment
Fang Face (coming Aug 09)
Missing (coming Feb 09)

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L. Diane Wolfe said...

Oh yeah, his farewell speach WAS on last night - guess that's why CSI started a little late!

And ready for vampires!

L. Diane Wolfe