Tuesday, February 24, 2009


E-Books. These electronic books have slowly begun to gain recognition, especially with the younger generation. I myself, have my books - Where Are You? and Mr. Mysterious - solely available in E-Book format.

E-Books come in all different genres – just like paperback books do – with the wide variety of stories to choose from so a person is free to pick one that suits their liking. They have the ability to take a person on an amazing ride through the depths of its electronic pages in the same fashion that a paperback book is capable of.

With the rising appearance of E-Books on the reading scene, I know one person in particular who hates reading paperback books - she has fallen in love with E-Books. While she does own paperback books and will occasionally read a paperback novel when she cannot find the book available in E-Book format, she would much rather curl up in bed with her E-Book reader instead of a paperback.

So why don't you come and check out the teen E-Book titles from Quake now!

Alyssa Montgomery


Anne Carter said...

There seems to be a lot of discussion regarding ebooks lately. This is a very good thing! Thanks for the insight. I think we are going to see the scales finally tip in favor of digital content in the next 24 months.

I want to add that it's surprising how slow the textbook industry is in embracing this technology. One ereader per student would likely cost less than a tenth of the outlay for paper textbooks, books that very often become obsolete within a couple of years. Anyone here remember the cost of college textbooks?


ps - I could very well be that reader Alyssa speaks of!

Regan Black said...

Great post! Ebooks have been around awhile, but I credit the iPod for making people feel positive about the ereader options.

I'm saving up for my own Kindle reader, if for no other reason than I'm tired of dusting my keeper shelf. =)

And judging by the weight of my kids' backpacks, I hope the textbook industry gets on board quick!