Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fall In Love With A Book

February 14th. The day commonly known as Valentine’s Day. To some people, it is referred to as the ‘Day of Romance’.

With Valentine’s Day only four days away, there are some people who are looking forward to curling up with a good book and reading until they have finally finished the very last page in whatever book they have fallen in love with. At least, I know that is taking up part of my agenda this Saturday.

Valentine’s Day is as good as any day to fall in love with a good book. And the world is filled with amazing books that are waiting for the right readers to pick them up and fall promptly in love with them after the first pages. So go pick a book and allow yourself to be pulled in to the wondrous storyline laid out before you.

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Alyssa Montgomery


Regan Black said...

Hey reading is waaay better than the traditional valentine's day around here: for years the day of romance is the day for taxes.

Feel the love.
And we're not even accountants. ;)


©DGreer said...

I can remember a few good "dates" with myself when I was single. Went home after a long work week instead of going out Friday-night partying with the gang, ordered a pizza, and snuggled in for a good, long read. Those were the days!


Pam Ripling said...

I know just the story to read, too! "Mr. Mysterious" by Alyssa Montgomery! Okay, shameless plug for fellow Quake author... but this quick read will put in you in the mood for romance and still leave you enough time to hang out with a special someone!

(And I just love the cover)


Norm Cowie said...

Romance ... erk.



©DGreer said...

Norm, go back to your corner. :)

Iris said...

I'm with Norm! LOL

Regan Black said...

Iris, go back to YOUR corner!


Iris said...

Grumble, grumble. I'm going...