Friday, February 13, 2009

Not Just Any Friday! It's the 13th!!

Why I’m blogging about scary movies is beyond me. I’m the ultimate “Scary Movie Wimp!”

But, with Friday the 13th, the classic horror movie remake opening on, well... Friday the 13th, thought I’d try my best to find out why y’all love to be scared outta your socks!

Now, keep in mind, “F-13” is rated R, so I’m not giving any recommendations here. Just trying to figure out the attraction.

So, how about suggesting some titles that I might have a chance of watching and enjoying (without my head being under the pillow, fingers stuffed in ears to muffle the shrieks!).

Here are some suggestions I found on the Internet that don’t have such an “ICK” factor.

"Amityville Horror"
"The Birds" (Hitchcock)
"Psycho" (Hitchcock)
Any of the old Universal Studios horror flicks, like Dracula, Frankenstein, I Was A Teenage Werewolf (Michael Landon - before Little House on the Prairie!), Creature from the Black Lagoon..
"Bram Stoker's Dracula"
"The Others" with Nicole Kidman (One of my favs)
"The Sixth Sense" (Love this one!)
"The Wicker Man"
“The Shining” “Fire Starter” (King is always good for a scare!)
“The Fly” (Jeff Goldblum)

And, one that still scares me to this day! “The Incredible Shrinking Man.” Now, it may sound silly, but when I saw this as a kid, I had nightmares for months that I was going to shrink into nothingness!

Thoughts? Too tame? Let’s hear from you! Bwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

For more ideas: Hollywood Teen Movies, all genres


L. Diane Wolfe said...

"The Others" was a great film!

"The Ring" will certainly unnerve you!

"The Devil's Backbone" has a great storyline about the Spanish war - del Toro is a fantastic director. You'd probably like the one he produced, "The Orphanage" - simmilar in feel to "The Others"

John Carpenter's "The Thing" - although there is lots of 'ick'

And the old movie that still creeps me out is "The Changeling" - something about ghost stories!

L. Diane Wolfe

Mary Cunningham said...

"The Ring" scared me to death! I love ghost stories, too. Wasn't there a great movie out about 25 years ago called "Ghost Story?"

Maybe I should just stick with Casper!

Regan Black said...

If you're talking ghosts...Ghost tops my list (Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze).

I really liked Sixth Sense, though. And Practical Magic is another all time fave.

As for scary stuff, my tolerance is like Mary's. Wouldn't we be a pair on the couch with our eyes squinched shut and pillows over our ears? LOL


Mary Cunningham said...

Love Ghost! And Practical Magic! DH and I have watched it at least a dozen times.

Yeah, Regan. Doubt either one of us would see much of a scary movie.

"What happened?!"
"I dunno! My head was under the pillow! Didn't YOU see it??"
"No! I was under the table!"

Norm Cowie said...

I vote High School Musical (shudder)


Norm Cowie said...

I vote High School Musical (shudder)


Norm Cowie said...

Crap, voted twice. (shrug) I'm in Chicago.

Mary Cunningham said...

It's okay, Norm. We know you Chicagoans are dealing with a lot right now.

(wonder what Blago's up to today?)

Eileen Williams said...

Sorry, I don't have a vote because I relate to your "wimp" comment. I definitely fall into that category even though, of course, I'm a feisty one. But I'd rather see heart-warming over blood-chilling any day, so I'll save my heart for tomorrow--the big V-day!

Marc Vun Kannon said...

For ghost stories, try The Changeling or The Uninvited. What Lies Beneath is good, too. I liked the Others and The Sixth Sense as well, although there is a certain degree of ick factor in Sixth Sense. I'm not much for horror movies, especially the gore-fests. I don't get scared by them much, although there is a bit of suspense.

Mary Cunningham said...
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Mary Cunningham said...

"Sixth Sense" is getting a lot of votes. I can still remember the first time I saw it and when I realized...oops, better not say anymore in case someone out there hasn't seen it yet!

Thanks for the suggestions, Marc. I'm with you on the ICK factor. Rather see good suspense.

Mary Cunningham said...

Yeah, I'd rather see a good mystery, heart-warming tale or a comedy, Eileen.

Horror movies, however, have a huge following.

But, for V-Day, how about "Sleepless In Seattle?"

Word said...

For me I have two favorites.

The Blaire Witch Project.

The Shining.

I don't like hack and slash. Give me Psychological scary.

Oh - and no devil stuff. The Exorcist was too much for me.

Mary Cunningham said...

The Shining gave me nightmares for weeks! I had this illogical fear of bath tubs and shower curtains!


Yikes! Thanks for posting your picks, Word!

©DGreer said...

I totally hate creepy movies like that. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane totally wigged me out as a teen. I had nightmares for years! The Birds still comes to mind when huge flocks pass through here. Eeeek. I can't stand it! LOL.

I think you've hit a nerve here, Mary!


kduane said...

Salem's Lot paralyzed me with fear when I was 13.

Chris V. said...

Chicken! (buck, buck!) ha!.
I love Stephen King's books, the movies are not too bad. (sometimes)

Kathy Weller said...

He Knows You're Alone - first horror movie I went to see in the theater!!

Nightmare on Elm Street

Carrie -- first horror movie I ever saw (waaaay too young!!!)

Mary Cunningham said...

I'm startin' to sound like a broken record (cd)but Salem's Lot scared me so bad I couldn't go near a window for weeks!

And the book was even scarier than the movie!

Saw Carrie but, Nightmare? Forget it!!

Regan Black said...

My husband's sister once stayed at the hotel where the Shining was shot. He was stunned because he remains freaked out by that film to this day.

(who sees no shame in habit of clucking like a chicken) lol

Mary Cunningham said...

I could NOT stay at that hotel! Any more than I could stay at the Bates Motel!

Chicken Mary (and proud of it!)

©DGreer said...

I have friends who stayed at The Stanley in Estes Park for their honeymoon - wasn't that The Shining hotel? And they go back to relive honeymoon memories! Ack!


Jacquelyn Sylvan said...

I just saw "The Uninvited," last Friday...great movie. Creepy factor was amped by the fact that I was one of only three people in the theater.

Mary Cunningham said...

Very creepy, Dani. Double ACK!

Same for sitting in a mostly empty theatre watching a creepy movie, Jacquelyn.

I only had that experience once and it wasn't a creepy movie. My friend and I were the only ones in the movie to see "Raiders of the Lost Ark." We had to tell the projectionist to start the film!

Iris said...

I'm with Mary and my Mom! I have absolutely no threshold for horror films!

Example 1: My 8th grade english class read "The Birds" while listening to an audio recording and I got freaked. At the time we had 3 or 4 birds in the house and I could barely look at my 2 parakeets when I came home!

Example 2: I went to an overnight Halloween party and barely managed to survive the horror flick (some house thing where the spirits of dead children made the furniture come to life). The next year I opted out of "The Grudge" for "Van Helsing". I love "Van Helsing"- vampires for some amazingly dark action.

So if you want more of an action-packed supernatural suspense with moments of humor, see "Van Helsing", "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", and the "Underworld" movies. Yay vamps and werewolves!

Mary Cunningham said...

I think Van Helsing is super, Iris! Have watched if half a dozen times. Instead of gore, it's almost comic book scary, and that's not to take away from the entertainment of the movie.

It's really a good movie and very well done. I also like the "Mummy" films with Brendan Frasier.

Thanks for you great insight!