Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Gaming Week

We've officially declared this gaming week at Teen-Seen! Quake authors this week will post about their experiences with video games, rpg, game systems, etc.

And what better way to kick off gaming week than with a book about the adventures inside the game!

Visit and comment on each stop of this blog tour and be entered into a drawing for a $15.00 Gift Certificate for Quake.

This is where M.K. Scott has been:

March 23--Life as a Publisher launches the Blog Tour for author M.K. Scott. Discover who M.K. Scott is and what Zamora's Ultimate Challenge is all about.

March 25--Candid Canine Michele will be blogging about her writing companion- Java.

March 26--Cynthia's Attic Discover the story behind the story of Zamora's Ultimate Challenge.

March 27--Marta's Meanderings : What exactly is M.K. Scott's "Novel Project" and how does it involve middle school and junior high kids.

And where you can find her in days to come!

March 30--Drey's House : M.K. Scott talks about the differences between writing children's fantasy versus adult mystery

April 2--Booking Mama and Cynthia's Attic How does a multi-genre author balance a big family and writing
and TWO blog stops in one day!

April 3--Beth Fish Reads Find out what one Tween thought after reading "Zamora's Ultimate Challenge." A special interview.

April 4--Teen Seen Come on back to give your thoughts on the debut Blog tour for Zamora's Ultimate Challenge and see what goodies you could win.

So, if you've ever wanted to dive into a game like you do a good book,
tell us what you think about what makes great rpg's translate into books or movies!

Quake Editor


Norm Cowie said...

Um... (kicks at dirt) ... I'm probably gonna mention gaming next time it's my turn to blog ... Ap 13 ... so 'Gaming Week' is going to last a bit longer than a week.


Regan Black said...

Cool! I'll look forward to it!


Gayle Carline said...

I'd like to tell you, but I'm not allowed to play video games at my house. My son tried to teach me to play Super Monkeyball; any race or contest we played ended up with my little monkey in the corner, crying, while his monkey smiled and hooted in the winner's circle. Then, there were the times when the controller was ripped out of my hands with the words, "You're doing it all wrong."

I don't wanna talk about it.

Gayle Carline

Regan Black said...

See I think Super Monkey ball is the best rpg - because you're actually rolling in the ball - but when I say that out loud, my son groans at my ineptitude!


VixenReads said...

It's great to read you guys talking about gaming, and I love to think about how stories translate across platforms from books to films to games. I'd love to see more games based on literature! And I'd totally read a novel based on gaming.