Monday, March 02, 2009

South Carolina Book Festival

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading back from South Carolina after another successful festival in Columbia, SC. I attended this event last year, and it was actually the first big event I attended after my book release.

I shared the Echelon (Quake is the YA imprint of Echelon) booth with Marc Vun Kannon, Mary Cunningham, Diana Black, Austin Camacho, Marlis Day, and Regan Black, a talented bunch which I feel privileged to be included in. Make sure to check out their websites—they’ve got a lot to offer!

I got the opportunity to meet two people who bought my book last year, and it was really gratifying to meet people who enjoyed my book and stopped by to thank me and to see if I’d written anything else since. Unfortunately, what I have written isn’t in print (yet) but to all those awaiting more from me—soon, I hope!

I was also pleasantly surprised by the weekend’s sales; the economy is down, but that didn’t stop people from filling bags with books. Maybe because it’s an inexpensive way to treat yourself? All of the shoppers seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely, which is awesome—means we’ll be seeing them again!

So, please enjoy the photos I’ve posted below, and thank you to the city of Columbia and its wonderful residents for once again making me feel welcome. I’ll see you next year!

Here's a very blurry me, selling books!

Maggie was a service dog for an author across the way--she kept peeking out from under the table as though certain she was missing something!

If you missed me at the book festival, you can click on the book above to buy it at Amazon!


Mary Cunningham said...

Great meeting you, too, Jacquelyn! We had a great time, didn't we.

Have a safe trip home!


chris v said...

sounds like you guys had fun. Bet it was warm too. Grr, still c-c-cold here in Wisc.

Austin S. Camacho said...

It was a joy to meet more Echelon authors over the weekend, and I had fun, but I must admit it's always nice to get home. Hope you had no trouble travelling, Jacquelyn! Keep on writing!!