Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where Do You Read?

This is the Teen Center at the Schaumburg Twp. Dist. Library in IL, where I work as Teen Coordinator. Last night I had a meeting with my volunteer group, Teen Corps. We are in the process of designing a new teen space to possibly go in the basement of our library building.

The teens want cozy spaces for reading, in addition to tables for playing games, visiting and working on group projects. They want laptops and netbooks for either homework or downloadable books. We planned on more table space, but not for more cozy reading space. The teens really want tables with lamps they can adjust. I thought with more e-books, audio books and more, that space for reading was not as much of an issue.

Where do you like to read? When I was growing up, my house had green velvet u-shaped chairs perfect for tipping back and for sitting across with my feet over the side. This is the type of chair the teens seem to want. Now I read where ever I can, even while walking behind my baby and periodically saying "No, no, Owen, don't eat that. Or don't stick your fingers in that outlet."

I've read audio titles in the car, and e-books on a plane. My favorite place to read is still in bed, though, with a booklight late at night. What is your favorite place?


Regan Black said...

I love to end the day curled up with a good book. But I'd rather read on my palm these days (saves a wake up bump on the head when I fall asleep)


Iris Black said...

I prefer either the end of my bed (with a cat taking up the rest) or the end of the couch (with a dog and/or cat taking up the rest). LOL. Either way, so long as I am warm and comfy!


Mary Welk said...

Couch or bed, it doesn't matter as long as it's soft and long enough for a warm blanket. Hey, Amy! Are your teens reading Terry Prachett? Great fantasy writer. I can't get enough of him and his Discworld series.