Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fashion For the Ages!

Converse shoes. Nearly every teenager nowadays has a pair... or two... or three (like me!).

The great thing about these shoes is that they change with the ages. The original canvas models were made for basketball players to support their ankles on the court. Now, they come in all sorts of colors, styles, and materials: leather, canvas, suede, high-tops, low-tops, ultra high-tops, and everything in-between.

I have the misfortune of being cursed with loose joints, which has led to weak ankles. Converse high-tops have been the most stylish support solution (as compared to dull black braces in normal gym shoes). They're great for kicking back and hanging out. Another great thing: they're machine washable! Except for the leather ones...

The best part is that they have a shoe for every person, style, and outfit imaginable. Some of my friends have walked the school hallway in denim shoes, marked-up leather, purple bedazzled kicks, and even microchip/cyborg style sneakers. (I must admit to possession of black-and-red plaid textile, flower watercolor canvas, and basic black leather high-tops. I love them all!)

Not only are these shoes manufactured to be varied- but they are customizable to! Most of the shoes have a white (or other pale color) rubber toe. A creative application of ink pens and Sharpies in the back of a boring class can lead to instant artwork! Some of my friends have even used their shoes to collect phone numbers from new buds at summer camps or to write down their BFF's birthday. If you want a completely custom shoe, go to the Converse website where you can design and order your own pair. You can even get your name stitched onto the heel!

Sam, the main character in my upcoming short story, JUST ONE OF THE GUYS, loves her pink high-tops, as shown on the cover (left). They go with absolutely everything!

So what are your favorite shoes? Do you have Converse or do you prefer another brand/style? I want to know how you like to dress your feet!

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Iris Black

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Martin Bartloff said...

Great blog Iris, right on the dot :-)


SPITsisters said...

I remember when I was in school everyone used to write all over their Converse with sharpies. I wish I still had mine ... the stories they would tell ... :)

norm said...

Well, personally I like to wear flip flops and let my toenails get all scraggly and grotesque.


Chris V. said...

Hey you have a Sam too! My Sam from Searching For A Starry Night said cool name & Cool Shoes! Who needs that "girly" stuff!

Nick Valentino said...

I used to have a collection of Cons... heck, the first pair of shoes I bought on my own were the crazy converse that flipped up like boots. Last year I even bought an all black pair. These are timeless!

Iris Black said...

Yeah, they really are great. Durable- and still fashionable!



Alyssa Montgomery said...

I know that Converse are my favorite shoes! And I guess I fall into the category of every teenager has a pair - I have two pairs! And I just so happen to be wearing one of the pairs right now:)


Mary Cunningham said...

Back in the "olden days" Converse sneakers were black! Love the pink ones!!

Great post, Iris!

Anonymous said...

Well some of us aren't as lucky as you. We have to wear the dull braces in the black gym shoes.