Friday, April 17, 2009

Gossipy Minds Want To Know

Gus and Cynthia "Dishing The Dirt"

Cynthia and I don’t gossip, never did. We just get mad at each other and say stupid things. But, plenty of our friends do. And, this is waaaay back in the 60s! We'll gossip about things like: “Cindy’s wearing Tom’s letterman jacket!” Or, “I saw Mike walk Linda to Geometry class.”

Gossip is more difficult in mine and Cynthia's time. You actually have to physically whisper in someone’s ear! Ewwww! Oh, sure we always have the phone, but it's impossible to say anything private with my nosy brother eavesdropping. And, believe it or not, I can't take the phone into my room because the receiver is connected by a cord! I know. Hard to imagine.

You guys have it so easy today with email and texting.

“OMG. Did u c C n T :-<>” (for those of you over age 30, the symbol :-<> shows surprise).

I may just be an old-fashioned, 1960s twelve-year-old (soon to be thirteen!), but the statement above seems to lose something in the translation. On the other hand, texting might keep flu bugs from spreading. Waaahh...choooo!

Still, Cynthia and I are gonna have to study this texting thing. I just figured out that lol doesn’t mean, “lots of love!” Now, there’s a gossip topic! Think of all the people I woulda thought were sending me “love” before I realized they were laughing with (at) me! LOL!

Getting off the gossip track, so I’ll bring this puppy back around (somehow).

Do you like gossip, as long as it doesn’t involve you? Or, is gossip always mean? What’s your favorite way to gossip? Ear-to-ear ? Text-to-text?

Gossipy minds want to know.

BFF, Gus

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Regan Black said...

thanks for the surprise symbol tip, Gus!

And I won't tell anyone about the time when you and Cynthia were nosing around in the attic...


Ophelia Julien said...

The adult in me says gossip is horrible and the girl I was in the '60's, like you, Cynthia, could never resist it. When I asked my buddy AJ, from "Hunting Spirits", he just yawned.

Shelley said...

Hi, my name is Shelley. I'm new to the blogging world. I added you and look forward to reading all your reviews!!

Mary Cunningham said...

Welcome, Shelley! Glad you stopped by.


Pam Ripling said...

I hate to admit it, but I do sometimes allow others to draw me into a gossipy circle. It's usually when the subject of the gossip has offended me in some way.

I've recently come to notice that the person most often spreading the gossip is someone who is really not very tolerant. I'm definitely spending less time around her these days. (I could be her next target! Oooohh, my ears are burning!)