Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Channel That Creativity

Rather than channel surf - channel your talent into a solution for a problem or situation you'd like to improve. For example:

Teens have managed to harness the energy of hamsters to charge their cell phones. The nocturnal running might bother some, but it can be a positive for everyone.

And who knew the Bubble Wrap folks (Sealed Air Corporation) sponsors a competition for young inventors? In January they announced the most recent three - here's the link for their creative solutions. What cool kids! (and they won a trip to NYC plus prize money).

People who are not yet adults have all kinds of fresh ways of looking at life and coming up with solutions both functional and did know there's a kit to make the mentos/diet pop rocket easier, right? Steve Spangler did the marketing and all the pertinent lessons (so parents would buy with the idea that it's a teaching thing), but KIDS started the phenomenon.

There's all kinds of talent in YOU! You've just gotta find the right channel to let it all out (and you'll use your creativity for the power of good, right?)


who channels her creativity into stories like the Pixie Chicks and more from Quake and Echelon Press!

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