Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Reddest I've EVER Been!

In eighth grade, I crushed on a guy named Miguel. OMGosh, what a cutie! Dark hair, dark eyes, and the tallest boy in school. He dated the prettiest girl in school though.

I was the tallest girl. My hair was okay, and I was slim enough, but I was really quiet. In other words, I could only daydream about Miguel liking me.

But I couldn’t just like him that much and not say something! I was dying—the only way a girl can over a first crush.

I know it’s bad, but I started calling him. At first I only said hello, freaked and hung up. I did say I liked him later on, but was to scared to tell him my name. That would have been so humiliating if he didn’t like me back! Even when he broke up with his girlfriend, I was terrified he would say I was gross and wouldn’t talk to me anymore.

Graduation day came and I had an awesome dress. I worked up the courage to ask him to sign the back of my certificate, like everyone was doing—like signing a yearbook.

Gosh he smelled great as he bent to write. I finally blurted: “I’m the one calling you.”

I know I turned beet red because my face burned like fire! I was embarrassed beyond belief, and terrified.

He said, “That was you? You should have said something sooner.” He finished writing his message, handed me the pen and paper, and smiled.

He wrote: Hope to see you this summer, beautiful. Miguel

OMGOSH! I could hardly believe it! I walked on clouds for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, we moved away and I never saw him again. Sometimes, we get in our own way, don’t we?

J.R. Turner is the author of the Extreme Hauntings series. The first book, DFF: Dead Friends Forever is available at Amazon.com, Kindle, Fictionwise, and Echelon Press.com


Marlis Day said...

Loved your blog. We all have memories of those crushes. It was a terrible time in our lives, the peck order, the low self-esteem. Somehow, we survived.

J.R. Turner said...

Yeah, and now I'm married to the guy I met four years later (12th grade)--which makes us 20 years together, 17 years married! :)

Thank goodness I got up the nerve to talk to him--he was even more shy than I was! :)


Ophelia Julien said...

Shy guys rule (my husband was one, too!) So, has Miguel turned up in your writing, though?

Pam Ripling said...

What a great story!!! :::SIGH::: I can so relate. I remember well looking up guys in the phone book, and bribing my friend's older brother to drive us around to see where so-in-so lived. Almost like we were stalking. Hmmm. Maybe we were...


Norm Cowie said...

Sounds as bad as when I was a kid and spilled red paint all over myself while trying to paint watercolors.