Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why Do They Call Them "Pet" Peeves?

by Pam Ripling

Why do they? I can't answer that. Nothing sweet or cute about the things that bug me. But since you've asked, here's the short list of mine:

Guys who leave the seat up. Seriously. Did their mothers teach them nothing?

Barracudas in parking lots. You know who I mean. You’re waiting for someone to back out, even have your blinkin’ blinker on, and some rude yahoo comes out of nowhere and jams into the spot before you can get your foot on the gas. No matter how small your car is, theirs is smaller.

People who drink from the carton. The epitome of low class kitchen mates. Argh!

Someone else’s undone laundry clogging up the system. It’s in the dryer, it’s in the washer, it’s on the floor. Owner of said laundry is somewhere playing Warcraft. And I’ll bet all his guild-mates do the same thing.

Trying to order a Starbuck’s coffee and saying it out of order. “Uh, I’d like a decaf-grande-non-fat-latte…” Barrista calls out with smug smile, “Grande Latte Decaf Skinny…” And of course I still don’t have it right. They make me feel small and stupid. Should go back to getting coffee at the grocery store deli.

People at book fairs who say they don’t read. Huh?

The California budget crisis. Need I say more?

Teachers who assign homework on weekends. It should be outlawed.

And that’s only a few. You should ask me when I’m really cranky!

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Mary Cunningham said...

I'm with you, Pam. Nothing this annoying should be called a "pet" anything!

(Starbucks - why I make cappuccino at home)


J.R. Turner said...

Ha! Toilet seat was the first one that popped into my head when I saw the theme too! :)

Men, sheesh! :)

Great post!!


Martin Bartloff said...

There are no females living in my house, so the toilette seat stays up :-)


Gayle Carline said...

I never feel the need to pet my peeves. As a matter of fact, if I could catch them, I'd take them to the pound.

My worst are the hoverers: they follow me through the parking lot to get my space, they stand too close to me in the grocery checkout lane, they breathe down my neck in lines... BACK OFF, PEOPLE!

There. I feel better.