Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Family Vacations...

... You gotta love them! Cause I know I do. These vacations are some of my fondest memories! But, as with seemingly all road trip stories that I've heard people tell, there's one commonality that runs through all these stories.

Getting lost.

Yup. And lots of people who have been on road trips are probably nodding their heads in agreement right now, probably with some sort of grin or smile on their faces, remembering the moments of driving around, searching for the hotel, restaurant, amusement park with the map lying uselessly on the ground.

In my family, at least, it's a team-effort to find where we're going. We've had five pairs of eyes searching in all different directions. And that's a great benefit! But you know what the worst part is? When someone finds the hotel, and it's on the opposite side of the freeway so it's lost again once you get off.

And here's another one. You're driving with the map, doing just fine, when the map tells you to go straight and a giant sign tells you that if you turn left, you'll get there. Hmmm.... Map or giant metal sign? We chose the giant metal sign. And that was one time we did not get lost. Ha.

But, even though on road trips we, like most other people, tend to get lost, it doesn't put a damper on things because the whole family is together and having fun as we try to find out where we're going. Because you know that, eventually, you'll find it.

What about all you guys? Any wacky stories on getting lost on vacation?

Alyssa Montgomery
Author of Where Are You?, Mr. Mysterious, and 9:53 PM (from the Heat of the Moment Anthology).


Pam Ripling said...

Once we were way out of our comfort zone: from Los Angeles, driving in Philadelphia. My dad made a wrong turn and we ended up in the worst possible part of town. He rolled the window down to ask directions and I was so scared. I was about 16, I think. People I was certain were hoodlums (now called gang members!) were sort of surrounding our car. We somehow got out of there with our rental car in tact and still alive.

Getting lost on vacation can be fun and can be terrifying. I prefer the former!


Iris Black said...

Lucky you Alyssa! When we went with the sign rather than the map, we were hopelessly lost! Thankfully, a nice guy at the gas station got us back on the right track!