Monday, June 15, 2009

Moldy teens

Ah, the topic is green teens. Did I happen to mention the robin in my previous post was green?

Since I already posted, I'm simply going to list five things I do to be green (besides riding roller coasters). I challenge each of you to develop your own list. Feel free to use any of my suggestions.

  • If I drink a canned drink, I bring it home to recycle even if it's not convenient.
  • I will not use Styrofoam drinking cups unless there is absolutely no option - and I reuse Styrofoam packing (I try not to use it all all because Styrofoam is the Devil.)
  • My recycle bin is more full than my waste bin.
  • I replaced all of my light bulbs with long-life energy saving bulbs.
  • I limit the use of plastic bags by bringing re-usable bags to the grocery and other stores; or refuse a bag if I only purchased one or two items.

Your turn.



Mary Cunningham said...

Would you believe curb-side recycling isn't offered here??

But, I have the reusable grocery bags, like you and I recycle everything I can like plastic bags (don't have many of those anymore), egg cartons, and we've stopped using paper napkins. I dug out some everyday cloth napkins.

If you use paper towels, be sure they're "selectable" so you can tear off half instead of a whole sheet.

There's my list!


Alyssa Montgomery said...

Such great ideas, Norm! I do the same thing at stores when I only purchase one or two items, and it always amazes me when the store clerk gives me a look like, "Okay, what's the point of this?"


Ophelia Julien said...

I LOVE my resuable grocery bags and use them for more than just shopping! And I never get a bag at a book store. Ever. (They just get in the way when I'm trying to get into the book.)