Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vacations Close to Home

I don't remember our family ever going on a "real" vacation. It's not that we were deprived. Not at all. It's just that our vacations seemed to be to places near by. We went on picnics, or our favorite places were going to Santa's Village and Kiddieland, small amusement parks in Illinois.

Sadly, Kiddeland, a landmark in Melrose Park, Ill. will be closing soon after 81 years in business due to a family dispute. This, like Riverview once was, is a part of Chicago's landscape. Now another piece of local history will be gone.

What's special about Kiddieland is that it was like a rite of passage. You had to go there! My memories are vague, but looking at their history page, things like the antique cars and the hand cars seem familiar. There was the small train that circled the park and the wooden roller coaster. I'm a coaster fiend, so I can bet that I waited in line for that! It's sad to see another original amusement park go. (Anyone remember the indoor Old Chicago amusement park?)

* See more Kiddieland photos

** Your Turn: Have a favorite chilodhood destination? Is your favorite childhood destination still around?

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Mary Cunningham said...

You brought up images of the amusement park near my hometown. It was called Fountaine Ferry, although everyone called it Fountain Ferry, instead.

I remember the roller coaster, the house of mirrors and the huge carousel.

Will have to ask hubby about the old Chicago Amusement park. He grew up very close to Lincoln Park Zoo. Close...not IN it! :>)