Sunday, June 07, 2009

Visiting Glen Ellyn

So I got on a plane last Thursday to visit my fellow author and dear friend Ophelia, and to join her for Printers Row in downtown Chicago.
This may not be my most exciting trip of my life, but I chose to talk about Glen Ellyn because I’m actually still here.

Glen Ellyn is a strange little town, buried deep in the suburbs, south of Chicago with a community of mere 27,000 residents. Let me tell you, the grass is much greener in Glen Ellyn. Although, and this might make you chuckle a bit, Glen Ellyn is so small I think they fold up the sidewalk at night.

I’ve learned one lesson on my first day here. Don’t take any directions for granted the locals give you. In fact, when they tell you to turn right somewhere, turn left instead and you’ll find your destination. No joke!

So I found myself walking down a sidewalk somewhere in Glen Ellyn, Illinois this morning and I got to thinking of what Ophelia had told me about Glen Ellyn.
“Lucas” was filmed here in the late 80’s and Ryan Kelley grew up here.

The city is sort of different and I got mixed emotions about it. When I leave here Monday I’m going to miss running over that piece of chrome molding on North Road. I think about every time leaving downtown, but I never see until the tires throw it up in the air behind me. I’m going to miss driving in the downtown area for a walk just before bedtime in the last three nights.

It’s alright though, I’m coming back in June of 2010 for a book event in Glen Ellyn I was invited to. Oops it’s time for my walk.


Ophelia Julien said...

I don't know why directions were an issue -WE always know where we're going, lol. Directions aside, I hope Martin enjoyed being here as much as we enjoyed having him around. Maybe the next time he comes back the weather will behave itself and he can see what it's like here when we actually have some warm temperatures!

Norm Cowie said...

Probably felt warm compared to what he's used to.


Robin Cain said...

Ah...what memories! Yes, I remember the grass was always greener there as well, but unlike you, I knew my way around having lived there for 19 years.

It's a lovely town that a great many people just refuse to leave.

Thanks for sharing!