Sunday, June 21, 2009

WALL-E Fiction or Future?

If you watched WALL-E you know the story of the dump-truck like robot, in a world no longer harvesting the ingredients to support life. Disney did a great job, but one must wonder if the
majority of our younger viewers understood the message behind WALL-E?

In the movie, even WALL-E is a robot of the past, long outdated
and forgotten. Abandoned.
His only companion, and who would have thought of that, a cockroach!

It struck me when he discovers the plant, the only natural green that recovered in the closed environment of a safe.
The world described in the movie is much like the world we live in today. "Yeah right," you're gonna mumble between your teeth now, aren't you?

You saw the red clothed people in the movie, leaned back on their hovering creepers, with legs not developed to walk? Sipping extra large sodas, chatting on monitors mounted to their hovering recliners? Then you must have noticed the holograph billboard and its suggestion to try "blue" then they all pushed a button and their clothes turned blue?

When was the last time you walked, or rode a bike to the store? Did you know your Super-charged V8 pick-up, or SUV you feel so safe in, burns twice as much gas when you fire it up just to go down to the store, half a mile away, to pick up a gallon of milk?
Most wear and tear to its internally moving engine parts, takes place when the engine is not fully warmed up to its designated operating temperature, every time you run it. I bet you didn't know that either?

I see a ton of similarities in the world we live in today and the world WALL-E lives in. Look at my last photograph, then click here to read more about abuse and destruction, committed to our planet.

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Anonymous said...

You 100% right, I think one day the world be just like that, If so shoot me!

-Seth Stojiljkovic

Iris Black said...

I agree that the world has the potential to get to WALL-E's level of destruction. However, if we do something now and listen to the message the movie projects, we can keep that from happening.

It'll just take a "greener" outlook!


Cassandra Jade said...

Isn't that the heart of all children's stories, at least the ones that last. They speak of real issues but clothe them in such a way that they aren't too confronting. However the core of the idea is truth and a moral. Personally, I think Wall-E was a just a little too in the face with their message on lack of physcial activity, obesity and waste, but too each their own. Plus subtle hasn't been working so well lately so why not just throw the message out there and see if it sticks.

Great post, and the picture you showed is one I think all people should reflect on.

Norm Cowie said...

Yeah, this movie scared me as much as it entertained.


Mary Cunningham said...

I wonder how many ADULTS understand the message behind WALL-E.

Let's hope the message gets through before it's too late.


Anonymous said...

I have to say this is a dang good post. I just recently saw this movie and like Gnorm, it scared the crud out of me.

It's a shame that it took some silly little device to make me more aware. I am almost embarrassed, but I am changing my ways. Of that you can be sure.

In fact you can see some of my other thoughts at my "Just so you know" column at Pop Syndicate. Leave your thoughts. I would love to know what others are doing to help the environment.

Excellent post, Martin. Thank you!


Martin Bartloff said...

You're welcome and thank you for the comment. Thanks everybody else who commented.

I read Karen's article at yesterday, POD is the way to go.

It broke my heart when Karen in Charlottesville explained how they tear the front page and scarp the rest on returns. What a waste. I will make sure that won't happen to any of my prints.

It's not only a waste but also a disgrace to any author.


Ophelia Julien said...

I haven't seen this one yet - I'm a bit behind in movies. Kinda made me think it was a kinder kiddie version of Soylent Green, though! Nice post, Martin.