Friday, July 31, 2009

Cedar Point & The Gigacoaster

It's Amazing how amusement parks leave an indelible memory isn't it? You're there with family, friends, maybe a date you're interested in... The excitement of being with wonderful people combined with adrenaline fueled rides somehow is the epitome of having a good time. Cedar Point amusement park is located in Sandusky Ohio with is about an hour and a half drive from Cleveland. I've only had the pleasure of visiting this place once, but the memories last to this day. All sense of the outside world is left behind at the gates of Cedar Point. It provides the escape of all escapes where work, school, stress, or whatever is troubling you just melts away as you're surrounded with nothing but carnival food, games and best of all, roller coasters.

Cedar Point is the second largest amusement park in the nation, boasting the wolrd's most roller coasters at 17 over 300+ acres of land. This place is huge and you can literally get lost in it. Well, that's the idea right? My favorite roller coaster was the Millennium Force which reaches 310 feet in the air giving you a strange yet beautiful view of Lake Eerie which the park stands directly next to. When you reach the precipice, you are dropped at a 45 degree angle at a top speed of 93 miles an hour! It was so large and fast that they renamed it a "gigacoaster". On my first trip on this beast I remember looking around and I wasn't sure where I was. In fact I turned to my dad and said, "This is awesome, but I'm disoriented." Now THAT is a roller coaster!

Since I was there, they've built the Wicked Twister, Top Thrill Dragster
and The Maverick which all push the roller coaster world to new levels. If you're in Ohio and feel the need to get away from it all as well as increase your heart rate, Cedar Point is the place for you.

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Cedar Point sounds a lot like our Magic Mountain. Despite all the other flume rides, kiddie rides, and carnival attractions, it's all about the coasters. People line up for hours before the debut of a new one, each more exhilarating and wild than the previous one. And I love how they come up with the names!


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