Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh, the Horror of FUN!

I'm working in a whole new genre for me—horror. I love this genre—books, movies, art—all of those wonderfully spine-tingling images have always drawn me to them like they were chocolate.

Mystery Walk is the first book I read by Robert McCammon. One of my favorite scenes is about a haunted carnival ride. People have died over and over, their souls left to haunt the ride and our hero can see and hear them. Awesome sequence.

One of my first favorite movies in this genre (that I was allowed to watch) was The Fury. This is about a father determined to save his son from the government folks wanting to exploit his psychic abilities. At the end, the boy causes the ride to spin off its base, loaded with people. (Trailer for the Fury)

Another "theme park gone bad" film I totally loved was WestWorld. This is Terminator meets Clint Eastwood in a really twisted way!

My personal favorite ride is the Zipper. When the cage really spins, I can't stop laughing, it's so much fun. I always remember these scenes however, and I think this adds to my thrill. For the price of a few perforated tickets, I can experience the fun over and over again.

What's your favorite ride and why?

J.R. Turner is the author of the Extreme Hauntings series. The first book, DFF: Dead Friends Forever is available at, Kindle, Fictionwise, and Echelon

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