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Feature Author: Sam Morton

Sam Morton is the author of Betrayed, a new release from Quake!

From the Back cover:

It’s an election year and Senator Ben “Pitchfork” Stevens from Texas made a campaign promise to stop illegal immigration. He virtually has. Problem is, people trying to cross the border seem to disappear. That’s a dilemma for 15-year-old Austin Pierce whose father is a political consultant and whose best friend, Rico Alvarez, happens to be in the United States illegally. When Austin discovers Rico’s beautiful cousin Veronica helps people break the law and cross the border from Mexico, he faces a decision: should he help his friends or try to stop the senator? Either path could lead to danger, even death.

And here's an excerpt from between the book covers:

"No. Your friend has come to our town—to our country—and I'm interested in what our American friends believe about our culture." Veronica's steel gaze locked into Austin. Even in the low light of the setting sun, he could see the glint in them.

But it seemed this girl had no interest in being friendly and Austin refused to be intimidated. He cleared his throat so his voice would be firm. "Well, I guess I just didn't expect to see all the retail stores here carrying all the familiar products, and whew, the Super Wal-Mart really threw me for a loop! I mean is there a place in the world those guys don't go?"

Rico put his palms out toward his friend attempting to quiet the rising tension and volume of their voices, both to no avail.

"I suppose you expected to come to some third-world dirt village, where the women grind corn and hand-pat tortillas around an open fire, and the men dress up like mariachis and sing the Mexican Hat Dance!" She swept her hands in each direction. "Or maybe you thought you'd find a bunch of gang bangers cruising around with handguns in low riders with bandana's half covering their eyes. Sorry to disappoint you, but that's more prevalent in Los Angeles—you know, the one in the United States."

"That's not what I meant," he said, his voice louder than he intended.

Her head seemed to swivel and she pointed an accusing finger in Austin's direction as she continued her rant. "Take a moment and look, Señior Pierce, and you'll see we're much the same. We have email and the internet, cable and satellite TV…surprise, surprise, surprise."

He cut her off, hands raised. "Exactly what did I do to piss you off, Roni?" Austin threw his hands apart and arched his brows, too. "I mean I hadn't even said hello before you turned your nose up at me like I reeked.”

The two had inched closer, squeezing Rico between them. They sat for a moment in an electric silence until Rico finally broke it.

"I can tell you exactly why she doesn't like you," he said.

Austin's eyes widened, the confirmation that the gorgeous cousin really disliked him striking a blow. Veronica's expression changed too. Her cheeks reddened and Austin thought her pupils glowed red. If the fire in them were real, Rico would be a block of crusted ash by now.

"She doesn't want you to know…"

"Rico do not …" she said through gritted teeth. Balled fists hung past her trousers just inches from the curb.

Her cousin ignored her. "She doesn't want you to find out that she has been helping people here cross the border illegally since she was twelve.

want more? click here for the first three chapters!

Readers are raving:

“I liked it so much, I read it three times!” - Jaylen Suther, 10th-grader, Irmo, S.C.

“Armed with a powerful story, stunning language, and a belief that right must triumph, Sam Morton weaves a tale of laughter, passion, and fury in Betrayed. Don’t miss a word. Sam is an author on the move.” - Pat Conroy, bestselling author of The Prince of Tides, Beach Music, and The Great Santini

Best, Worst, and Craziest Aspects of being a writer—

The best part for me, without question, is the creative process. I have complete control of the story—who lives, who dies, what takes place in the action, the emotions and reactions of the characters. I especially like, when it’s time for a bad guy to get his due, coming up with exceedingly painful and humiliating ways for the bad guys to die. I think I have an over-developed sense of justice!

The worst part of writing for me is always having to figure out how to have something go on behind my main character’s back without him knowing it, but at the same time letting the reader know. Some writers find that easy to do. I find that it takes a deftness of skill I’ve not yet mastered and have to work at.

The craziest part of being a writer—and I’ve talked to enough writers to know I am not alone—is that, as much as I love the creative process, when it comes time to put my fingers on the keyboard and write, I do almost anything to avoid it! I do laundry. I clean the kitchen. I’ll even re-organize my office. I believe I’m intimidated to some degree. Writing makes us all vulnerable, and even though we have back space keys and delete buttons, once you’ve written it, at least in an emotional sense, it’s out there and hard to take back.

What's next for Sam and Austin?

Austin will have another fabulous adventure. He will see a wrong and try to make it right. He will encounter the wrath and resistance of those committing the wrong, and his life, and those of his friends, will most definitely be in danger. Will he survive it this time? Will his friends? You’ll have to read to find out!

You can buy your copy of Sam's book early at Quake, or Amazon, visit him at his website or follow him on Twitter and facebook.

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Thanks Sam!


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