Friday, August 14, 2009

Hollywood Has It All

What's really cool about Hollywood is the simple fact that this place has it all. Whatever you want it's there. Art? Oh man, check out Wacko's for the latest oddity and gallery exhibit from the newest artists. Want the cutting edge of fashion? Try Kidrobot on Melrose Ave. Movies? Well, you know that Hollywood is the film superpower of the entire world. There are movies everywhere. Everything from the latest summer blockbuster to the smallest indy film. Hey, it's true what they say about seeing actors and actresses walking the streets. On my last trip I saw Denzel Washington and Dick Clark. Below is a picture of pop art legend Frank Kozik at Kidrobot signing a new toy release.

Is acting your thing? Are you interested in drama at school? Hollywood has everything an up and coming actor or actress could ever want. A friend of mine that lives there tells the tales of hundreds of opportunities a day to have a part in some new movie. Casting calls for extras are off the charts. I don't mean to smoke screen you and say that you're guaranteed a role in the next Harry Potter, but I'm saying if you have the chance and want to pursue acting, getting a few credits as an extra might be worth a trip to Hollywood.

Ok, so you just want to go on a fast paced vacation in tinsel town. No problem. Check out the Roosevelt Hotel. This is the birthplace of the Academy Awards and has seen the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and thousands of the biggest actors and actresses stay there. (When I stayed there, I rode in the elevator with the singer of the group 4 Non Blondes)The Roosevelt Hotel is centrally located just a block or so from Grauman's Chinese Theatre and MTV's headquarters.

It doesn't matter what you're looking for, Hollywood has it all. Sports, fashion, art, music, movies, food, high glamour and fun times for everyone. Heck, I don't care if your thing is robotic zombie hacky sack playing dragons... I bet they have them there. This is just a tiny sample of Hollywood... an Amuse Bouche if you will... Explore, look Hollywood up online. There are millions of fascinating things about Hollywood just waiting for you to find them.

Nick Valentino's steampunk novel "Thomas Riley" comes out October 2009 on Echelon Press.


Pam Ripling said...

This is such a great subject (to me)- Such a variety of angles.

You might think that growing up in North Hollywood would give me a different perspective. It didn't. I was just as starstruck and wide-eyed as anyone else. My BFF and I would hang around outside studio gates, hoping to get a glimpse or maybe even an autograph!

The Roosevelt Hotel has quite a history. I'll share my trivia when I blog here on Sunday!


Nick Valentino said...

Oh sweet! Pam I cant wait to read it. I LOOOOVE The Roosevelt.