Friday, August 28, 2009

The Star Trek Guide to World Peace

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of world peace is Star Trek. Yeah, no kidding. I think of this Utopian globalised planet where everyone gets along. Of course in Star Trek, you have to note that there are plenty of other beings that do not get along... But as a planet, Earth is a pretty peaceful place with no wars, global money, (Or is there money at all?) and a unified population that seems to agree on everything.

Ok, world peace will never be achieved quite like that. At least not everyone will agree on everything all of this time, but the ideas are sound and whether you know it or not, we're moving in that direction. Will we see it? Nope. But give it another few hundred years or so and I fully believe that we could have a pretty strong foundation for world peace. Just look how things have changed in the last few decades. The Internet connects the planet in light speed bringing communication and understanding where there was confusion, misinformation and fear before. The Euro is another example of countries agreeing to get along financially.

While there are plenty of arguments against global money, the Euro has strengthened Europe and is a sign of things to come. Think of it this way, the Euro unified Europe's money... so one nation has the same cash value as another. Think if that was in place for the last 200 years how many lives would have been spared and how many wars could have been prevented. Dare I say that a unified monetary system would probably have prevented World War II?

The attainable goal of world peace is something that doesn't just come from a song or a protest sign. This is something that everyone has to agree on. Everyone has to be on board and they have to realize that it isn't going to happen quickly. A lot of bitterness and centuries of anger have to subside or be forgiven, but it's like I always say, "Keep chipping away at it." Like Spock says, "Live long and Prosper."

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Natalie Hatch said...

First of all you won me when you mentioned Star Trek, and then Steampunk, good stuff.

Ask Melissa said...

I luv what u wrote it was very good. I luv that u showed pics my sister loved the pics of food she is a cooking mania.