Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is this the right building?

The end of summer was a big moment for me. The day before school started I kept thinking to myself This is it...this is the last day I'm not a highschooler. I figured I'd walk into my school building the next day and fall over from how different it is.

I didn't fall over. I went to my locker in the morning. I chatted with friends before homeroom. I went through the "welcome to this class" speech six or seven times. I read more than five course syllabuses. I got achy shoulder muscles from carrying a backpack around all day. And then I got home and thought, What was that?

It wasn't the infamous first-day-of-high-school I'd been anticipating. It just felt like school. Except there was more walking, more backpacking, and more gum-chewing than middle school. I also didn't have as many classes with my friends, and I didn't know everyone's names.

High school didn't start feeling like high school until the next evening when I went to the football game. I had a blast as I watched my friends in the marching band, and our team won by a landslide. That got me in a school mood as much as tile floors and rows of desks--maybe even more so. The next Monday I was able to somewhat match my day with the words "high school". Now I'm starting to get into the routine, and I think I'm looking forward to the next four years!

(Sorry this post is a bit early, I'm hardwired to school-night routine and therefore am pretty tired!)

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Norm Cowie said...

I just try to walk into the right restroom.