Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ban This Book - I Dare You!

Being one who talks a lot, I can't fathom anything beyond free speech. And book banning? Yes, while some books have no useful purpose other than to cause anarchy, harm others, or create chaos, it's the other books I'm more concerned with - one person's banned book may be someone else's fun read.

Take The Witch Tree, a perfect little Halloween read. It's a dark little tale. A story of man vs. nature, good vs. evil. There're some yucky parts, too, perfect for a horror tale. Definitely not some people's cup of tea. I like to read scary stuff. I grew up with Stephen King. I like scary movies. I like to write scary stories sometimes too.

So, maybe it's not your cup of tea or coffee. I understand, but I hope it is! If you want to ban it, however, go ahead. It'll only make it more desirable. So, someone ban it, please! (Hint-hint!)

Excerpt from THE WITCH TREE by C.A. Verstraete:

What he noticed first was the sound.

Jimmy Grayson lifted his head from the grimy pillow, stared at the open window, and cringed. The onslaught seemed to come from every direction. He placed a hand over his ear to try to block it out. No such luck. High-pitched screeches, nonstop chattering, the endless wall of freaking sound was making him crazy.

In one swift motion, he threw off the dingy, worn quilt, catapulted from the bed, and rushed to the window. "Shut up!" he screamed, not caring how unhinged he sounded. "Shut the hell up!"

It stopped.

Ahhh. A deep sigh escaped him; an appreciation for the quiet filled him. He exhaled in a soft whoosh of air. The muscles in his neck relaxed as the tension left. His eyes closed almost of themselves-then popped open as the cacophony started up again.
The endless, unendurable shrieks, chirps, and chatters surrounded him from all sides like a blanket. With each passing second, the sound from hundreds of blackbirds increased in volume.

** I dare you to read on! Turn the lights low, or fire up the laptop and read THE WITCH TREE. Oh, don’t forget to lock the door!

* Buy THE WITCH TREE at Fictionwise

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