Thursday, October 08, 2009

Near Death Mystery: Dannion Brinkley

So we all die right? Most of us don't come back though. We've heard stories about how people who die in extremely cold water can be resuscitated with no ill side effects. But what about a guy killed by a bolt of lightening who lays dead on a hospital gurney for 28 minutes waking up under a white sheet? That's what happened to Dannion.

Before you think this is just a medical mystery—think again.

Dannion Brinkley is psychic.

His predictions have come true time and again, he's able to know things about complete strangers he couldn't possibly know, and he's done some detective work as well, detailing a killer and his apprehension.

What is the mystery of near death experiences? They say we only use a small percent of our brain. Could the act of dying and being brought back to life open pathways we all have in common—yet lay dormant without this experience?

What would life be like if we could open those pathways without having to die first? What do you think?

J.R. Turner is the author of the Extreme Hauntings series. The first book, DFF: Dead Friends Forever is available at, Kindle, Fictionwise, and Echelon

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