Sunday, November 29, 2009

In the Zombie Apocalypse, I'd rather be a Geek!

I saw a GeekSquad car the other day.

I was in my car eating lunch in the grocery store parking lot, when the little black VW Bug with the large, yellow advertisement rolled by on the street in front of me. I'd seen the advertisements on TV back in college, but (as with most ads you see) figured it would be pretty much an East coast thing and we'd never see it out here.

Consequently, I was so stunned that it took me a few minutes to get the breadstick I was eating into my mouth.

Geeks are cool. And I say that with the utmost sincerity (and not just because I was one). Because, when it comes down to it, who does the world rely on to fix their computers, to design innovative things, to create art that makes our world beautiful, to send our men to the moon & keep them (and us) safe to boot? It's the geeks. That kid you sit next to who wears the thick glasses and is just kind of odd -- he's our next NASA Engineer. The guy who will solve global warming. The guy who will design the armored suit that will keep our soldiers safe overseas. The guy who will be the next Rembrandt. Or Tchaikovsky. Or Shakespeare. Those kids labeled as "geekish" are resourceful and free thinkers, minds who will challenge the world as we know it.

Still, despite their strengths, people will look the other way. People will still judge, and ignore, or worse yet, ridicule.

Not me, though. At the end of the day, when the zombie apocalypse is raining its wrath down on our heads, I'd rather share my foxhole with a geek. With a pencil and some baling wire, they might just get us out of the mess we'd be in.

Heather S. Ingemar has loved to play with words since she was little, and it wasn’t long until she started writing her own stories. Termed “a little odd” by her peers, she took great delight in exploring tales with a gothic flair, and to this day, Edgar Allan Poe continues to be her literary hero. To learn more, please visit: or follow her on Twitter:

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