Thursday, December 03, 2009


Remember Lisa Loeb?

If you're a teen, you probably don't because she shot to fame about fifteen years ago because of ... her glasses. Yeah, she was a singer, too, but that wasn't what made her novel.

You see, back then, geeks were just that ... geeks. Unlovely, lonely, squirrelly little guys hiding up in their attic playing Dungeons and Dragons. Sure, we had our Angus Young (AC-DC), but otherwise, geeks were better off not seen and not heard.

You doubt me? Well, have you ever seen the movie, "Breakfast Club"? Who got the chicks, huh? Not the nerd. The jock and the grunge dude got the girls ... the geek got his pencil protector.

But then things started changing. First there was "Revenge of the Nerds," and then there was Lisa Loeb.

Lisa Loeb. A good lucking girl who ... wore nerdy glasses ... not just wore them, but made them look good. And, by all accounts, she was a nerd.

Next thing you know, it's cool to be a nerd, a geek, a twerp. Geeks came down from their attics, blinking through their thick nerd glasses as they ventured into the sunlight. Robert Downey Jr., surely not a geek, wore geek glasses. Soon everyone was wearing geek glasses.

So, in a way, perhaps geek glasses are what finally made geeks chic.

I was postulating this theory to my wife tonight, and after a moment of listening and watching me waving my arms around as I made my point, she said, "Women like geeks."

I stopped in my tracks, "They do?"

"Well, some do. Like me, I like geeks."

"You do?" I squeaked.

"Sure, I married one, didn't I?"

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