Friday, January 01, 2010

Resolutions - Schmezolutions!

This is not me. It's a picture of a slim, young lady using the same piece of equipment that sits in my bedroom, gathering dust. The same one I assured my husband I would use. "It's easy on the knees; low impact and will allow me to also exercise my upper body. It's perfect!

Yeah, right. Perfect. The first time I used it, I threw out my chronically bad hip. So, it sits. Gathering dust. Oh, I said that already, didn't I?

That was three years ago and hubby's mind has, mercifully, forgotten my previous declaration of vigorous, never-ending exercise and weight loss, and happily bought into my new sure-fire, motivational gimmick, er-uh...stroke of genius! Besides, he had no clue what to get me for Christmas, so...problem solved.

Wii Fit! How could I miss? Yoga, strength training, aerobics, balance exercises. It's perfect and I can do it in the comfort of my own home! We got it a few days before Christmas and loaded it into our existing Wii program. Before I can start playing, however, I have to set up my profile: Age, height, weight...WEIGHT???? This isn't good. Hubby is sitting on the sofa, watching my progress.

I make him hide his eyes while this stupid little animated Wii board shows me I'm overweight! Don't think for a minute you're going to find out the details if I won't even tell him! Let's just say if I weighed what they suggest, I'd be a walking, talking skeleton.

Anyhoo, hope everyone has a great 2010, and please, leave a comment with the resolutions you enjoy breaking the most! Gotta go. I'm making chocolate fudge and snickerdoodles!

Happy New Year!

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She is also co-writer of the humor-filled, women's lifestyle book, "Women Only Over Fifty (WOOF)," along with published stories, "Ghost Light" and "Christmas Daisy," a Cynthia's Attic short story.

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MoziEsmé said...

Chocolate & snickerdoodles - sounds like the perfect fitness plan!

Moccasins and Headphones said...

I'm famous for holding grudges..I'm hoping to cut it down to only 2 this year! what do ya think? Grudges aren't healthy PLUS, wrinkle lines! (caused my stress and distorting) EW. Happy New Year :)

Mary Cunningham said...

Glad you like my diet plan, Mozi. And Moccasins, I don't think 2 grudges a year is excessive, but 0 would be better. :>)

Anonymous said...

I hear ya!

I tend to be very solid & compact, and NOBODY believes me when I tell them what I really weigh. The nurses at my doctor's office usually do a double-take when they make me step on the scale.

Anonymous said...

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