Thursday, March 04, 2010

Dressed as a Hat

Crazy as a loon ... heh, heh ... yeah, loons are crazy. Whoa! Just stepped over a dead body.


Anyway, the mad Hatter ... actually, I look pretty good in hats. I didn't think I would, but...

Oh, yeah, and on the way home, I saw the best smelling...

But I digress, for if I didn't, I'd be naked. Oops, that's dress, not digress. Now if I bi-dressed, would that mean I'm a cross-dresser?

But crazy people make the world go ...have you ever wondered why planets are round? Why not square? And that whole pi thing. Like the square root of 2 is 1.414, how weird is that?

What was I going? Or was that were? Am I a were-human? What if I was an animal and I had opposable thumbs? I'd be a human, or an ape, or a fence post.

If you were on the moon you'd weigh less. Would you be happier? Or would your hair look funky? Oh, look, a weight lifter!

Hey, gotta go, a Snickers bar is calling me. Have a cow.


1 comment:

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