Thursday, April 01, 2010


Usually by Easter, this flower bed has red tulips and white jonquils along with the yellow daffodills. Maybe next week. It's still nice to see Spring popping up everywhere.
My favorite Easter was the year it fell on my birthday and my mom had a party for me the day before. One little girl brought me 6 live chicks, all dyed pastel colors. What a surprise that was!The kids loved holding the little fuzz balls. Sadly, they didn't live long - probably the dye.
Our Easter consists of church and then a family dinner. We'll have barbecue, baked beans, corn casserole, salad, deviled eggs, chips, and dessert. Afterwards, we all go outside and play whiffle-ball in the front yard with the kids. Some of the men may try to catch a bass in the lake. There will be Easter baskets for the children. Hopefully it will be a sunny day!


Makay said...

What day is your birthday??? Mine is April 11 and I remember when it fell on Easter one year! haha. :) And last year it was the day before easter. :)


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