Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alien Invasions??

I'm not sure what they are. I'll tell you what I do know. I live at the end of a long winding lane, my home against a deep woods. At night I hear owls screeching. I see coyotes slink across my pastures regularly. Bobcats and cougars slip silently near my home at night. Large snakes slither around the edges of my lake. Huge snapping turtles raise their heads and give me an evil eye when I swim. Headlines tell me murderers and serial killers abound. It's so quiet.
I nearly stepped on the gelatinous mass growing on the ladder of my dock in August. It was alive, a million eyes watching me, breathing, reproducing. I tore at it, then saw more and more, too many to destroy. The seeds had been planted.
The large mushroom growth on the tree appeared this spring for the first time. The tree has been there for years, but the fungi chose this season to visit me. It's there, watching, waiting....
I move carefully about during the day. I lock my doors at night. I have a loaded gun nearby.
No one wonders why my books contain murder, ghosts, netherworlds, and mayhem.
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Ascension said...

Tatata channnnnnnnnnn!!!!UHhhhh
Que sera, sera......., desde luego no se donde vives, pero yo tambien leo mucha novela de ficcion y apostaria que son aliens jejejejejeje
La naturaleza es tan diversa, que siempre nos asombra, debe ser de pelicula, ver tantos animalitos (algunos peligrosos), paseando por tu jardin.
besitos ascension

Anonymous said...

Can anyone interept the comment??

Anonymous said...

It's been ages since Spanish class, but.....

Not sure about the first part but "Que sera, sera" is "whatever happens, happens"...

"...pero yo tambien leo mucha novela de ficcion y apostaria que son aliens jejejejejeje" is (roughly) "but I also read a lot of fiction novels and (apostaria???) where there are aliens, lol."

"La naturaleza es tan diversa..." is "Nature (maybe, "the outdoors"?) is very diverse"

"Pelicula" is a movie of some kind...

..."paseando por tu jardin." is something about past-time (passing time?) for your garden.

That's the best I can do without a dictionary, lol!

Anonymous said...

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