Sunday, May 16, 2010

Animal Whisperer

I have a secret wish to be able to talk to animals. Flying around, burrowing in the ground, and swimming underwater they get to see our world a unique and more varied way then us humans.

I suppose that’s why my two protagonists are a bulldog and an orangutan. OK, well, Junior is a stuffed animal and not a real orangutan ... but don’t try telling him that :-)

Writing about animals gives me the opportunity to research them. And yes, I’m just nerdy enough to enjoy doing research voluntarily.

Then I have to imagine the world through their eyes, which can be difficult because Junior likes to swing up high, while Sir Reginald (the bulldog) is only 14 inches tall.

Over the years both Junior and Sir Reginald have taken on human-like personas, while Sir Reginald’s master, Sure-foot Sam, very often acts like a dog. He’s loyal, lovable and a bit impulsive.

So I guess I’m starting bridging the gap between the animal and human worlds. Hopefully that’s the first step to understanding animals better, which may lead me to be able to talk them someday.

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