Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My Most Anticipated Summer Blockbusters

M. Night Shyamalan is one of my favorite directors. Some say he's too predictable, too artsy, but I say he does psychologically creepy like no other moviemaker around today, except maybe Guillermo del Toro.
So of course, I was incredibly disappointed when I found out a day too late last year that he'd been shooting scenes for an upcoming movie just down the road from my house in Beltzville State Park, a favorite stomping ground for me, my husband, and our two dogs (click here for pics of Sirius and I at Beltzville). I threw a pretty sizeable tantrum. I could have been an extra. Or a groupie. Probably just a groupie, but still.
Therefore, I've been looking forward to seeing The Last Airbender, if only to test myself and see if I can recognize the scenes shot in my backyard.
The other summer blockbuster I'm looking forward to should be in my mailbox tomorrow. Justin Cronin is being called the new Stephen King, and stores are having trouble keeping his book, The Passage, on the shelves. Check back on my blog within the next few weeks, and I'll tell you if I think it lives up to the hype.

Jacquelyn Sylvan is the author of Surviving Serendipity, a book where damsels in distress are just so last season. Click the link to buy on Amazon!


Beverley BevenFlorez said...

One thing to note about the upcoming The Last Airbender movie is that the casting was poorly done. The movie is based on a animated Nickelodeon show whose main characters are clearly Asian and other ethnic groups. All of the main characters however, were cast white. When there were protests, the studio cast Asian extras. This created even more controversy, so one of the minor cast members was replaced with an ethnic actor.

You can find the entire story at

It is truly sad, not only because it is racist, but because the animated series is wonderfully written. I have blogged in the past about different elements of the show.

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